Our passion is simply

Great Personal Leadership &

Sustainable High Performance


We are a boutique leadership developer for organisations that have high standards for (and high demands on) their leaders and co-workers. Our client roster is a small and select group of organisations such as Mölnlycke Health Care, Bonnier Books, Ikano Group, Storebrand, CMR Surgical, Dreams, Grant Thornton, WirelessCar, ITAB and Essity.

We help organisations build outstanding personal leadership for top and middle managers. However, we don't only focus on the leadership tiers. We want to secure the power of implementation in all the functions - which is why our approach includes a great deal of self-leadership.

Our main work is delivering immersive and interactive programmes, workshops, lectures and coaching sessions - remote, hybrid, off-site and on-site.

Our focus is always to secure real change during and after our work. We don't just inspire to action, we make action part of all our sessions. Knowledge without action has no purpose - and when we are hired, we ensure traction.






We want to create massive waves of stellar leadership and self-leadership! In all we do - we focus on the participant in the room, but also on the people that person can influence and make the work-life better for.

We want to make as many people as possible happier and more successful in their lives. We want participants to become the best possible version of themselves, and to support others around them in the same endeavor.


We constantly deconstruct and simplify Personal Leadership and we do it by using the method of Sustainable High Performance. We enable people to deliver on a much higher level of performance - without burning out.

This is our USP. No other leadership training institute in Scandinavia has the same approach to creating Sustainable High Performance as we have. Read more

We make sure all people we connect with reach the next level of personal performance - without increasing the impact of stress on their systems - while getting simple tools to spread the message to others!

We live and measure our work against our values - Humor, Integrity, Passion and Simplicity. We are really nerdy about our values, and have found we are a lot happier when we never ever freaking EVER compromise with them.

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