What we do

our main work is


Our main work is delivering programmes to develop great personal leadership in organisations.

We design and deliver top-level leadership programmes where 12-50 participants go through immersive development of their personal leadership over 3-7 modules - spanning up to 15 months (such as Bonnier Books UK’s Senior Leadership Team Programme, or Mölnlycke Health Care’s Global Leadership Development Programme).

We also run short programmes for new leaders or first-line managers, where the focus in on creating a shared platform for leading yourself and your team. This design has two one-day modules with remote sessions in between, spanning over 60 days. It follows the training flow of our own workbook STRONG 2.0 (how to use Strengths Based leadership and solution focus to get fast results in life and at work).

Recently we also created a mini-programme design for workgroups or functions (6-20 people), where we bring a basic content of psychological safety, communication, strategy, goalsetting, teamwork, self-leadership - and carefully tailor it to that workgroup/team/function so they will develop and excel as individuals and as a function/team/workgroup after the programme span of 90 days (with three one-day modules).


support for scale-ups and fast growing companies

Our passion for the entrepreneurial spirit has led us to do a lot of consultancy work for startups moving into an international scaling phase (eg. Dreams, APPRL, Truecaller).

Recently we conceptualised this into a six month scaling support process we call Perfect Growth (yeah, we probably should get a pro to work over the copy for some of our concept titles here).

1. We interview 10-12 key people (mgmt team, most recent employee, key talent).

2. We have two sessions with the leadership team - to build psychological safety, target the right problems, and implement solutions.

3. We workshop twice with all hands (all employees) - to build psychological safety, create common language, self leadership, and generate   support for strategy and immediate action.

4. We do rapid Solution Focused Brief Coaching sessions for key performers in the organisation. Part of the process is of course to coach the CEO/founders in the bumpy process of growing really fast, across the board.

This process creates a readiness for rapid growth, and an organisation with a shared language. 


We use Solution Focused Brief Coaching methodology, to support key people in assignments. But we do not do stand-alone coaching. The context is paramount to us.

Coaching individuals, when an organisation is going through a significant organisational change is often a game changer, because it takes responsibility for the implementation, not just the decision.

Our coaching approach is to focus on short coaching sessions, 20-30 minutes, where we spend very little time on Problem Sightseeing. We focus on how it is when we have solved the problems, and the smartest course of action to get there. Always related to an ongoing organisational consultancy or leadership programme.

But hey - we know a few AWESOME coaches. So if you want stand-alone coaching, drop us a message and we can steer you in the right direction.


- Do you also lecture? Could you be our keynote speaker?

- Can you do a workshop on Strategic Change for our sales team?

- My management team is kinda lost, can you do something on complexity and psychological safety?

We love to help organisations and people grow and develop, so of course we also do loads of Keynotes, Lectures, Workshops. This goes without saying.



We always focus on what you're good at and how you can use that in the best possible way.

We help you develop your strengths, and find strategies to compensate or neutralise your weaknesses.


Our very core and USP is to build great leaders that are not only high performers, but Sustainable High Performers.

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With our solution focus approach, we spend very little time on Problem Sightseeing. Instead we quickly hone in on:

1. What the actual desired Future State needs to look like

2. What the Essential Solution Strategies to get there entail

3. Action to ensure implementation


Stuff our clients say about us

“Very different approach to any other programmes. It challenged you to think differently and push comfort zones. Patrick is very inspirational and his delivery is fantastic and very motivational. I have taken a lot from the programme which I know will support my future development. Thank you so much for your dedication, the fun and learning! It was truly a game changer.” (COO, Global leadership programme, Berlin, July 2019)

"Ni är helt fantastiska, helt olika personer som kompletterar varandra väl. Stort tack för att ni förändrat mitt liv för många år framöver!" (Deltagare, seniort ledarutvecklingsprogram för skandinavisk Bank- och försäkringskoncern, september 2019)

Perfect Life with GLDP
Perfect Life with Bonnier Books UK

"The way you facilitate, picks up on discussions, contribute with examples from other companies, etc, etc. is priceless. It takes decades of training to reach your level."

(CMO, Global Leadership Development Programme, Barcelona, July 2019)

"Ville bara säga hur grymt det är att ha dig nära. Förra veckans övning i psykological safety var hur bra som helst och det känns också i teamen att vi är på en helt annan nivå än när vi startade med dig. Hur som helst, TACK för att du är så engagerad och bra!"(VD, svensk multinationell scale-up, Stockholm, november 2019)

Let's talk about

Sustainable High Performance

This is our USP. No other leadership training institute in Scandinavia has the same approach to creating Sustainable High Performance as we.

Integrated into programmes and workshops are a wide array of tools and methods to enable not just High Performance, but High Performance in a way that is Sustainable. We make sure people who are key to the organisation’s success become able to deliver on an even higher level than before, but with lowered stress impact to their systems.

Our Sustainable High Performance development is a three-pillar framework (Performance Nutrition, Performance Movement, Performance Recovery) resting in a cradle of Performance Mindset. The approach is simple to adopt and implement to individual needs and is backed with only hard facts and science.


For our most demanding clients (we love them to bits and pieces) we offer a Datadriven solution for Sustainable High Performance.

This means that we tailor individual development advice/support to each participant or key person (eg. CEO, mgmt teams, top salespeople etc) - where the expectations and demands for performance of them are so high that the person’s Sustainable High Performance could be a killing factor for overall company performance. 

The datadriven solution for SHP consists of the standard approach for Sustainable High Performance, but with the addition of two elements - Blood or DNA sampling, and Heart Rate Variability monitoring.

Blood or DNA testing

Blood sampling is done in order to mitigate lifestyle risks involved with being a High Performance individual. Happy stress is still stress, and prolonged stress will damage even the sturdiest physique.

Blood sampling will provide +40 biomarkers, forming a baseline which can be monitored with regular intervals. The biomarkers will be analysed by our head of nutrition in order to provide specific, individually tailored performance nutrition advice to each participant.

DNA sampling can be used in order to make sure individual development protocols become individualized and preventative to the actual DNA of the participant, rather than generalized and reactionary.

There exists a wealth of knowledge on the role that many genes play in increasing disease risk, and more importantly, the role that nutrition and lifestyle play in ameliorating these risks.

Tailoring a nutritional plan based on nutrigenomics can help in stress management, support high performance, preventing cardio metabolic disease, cancers and lifestyle disease related to the environment the high performer operates in.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability - HRV - is considered to be one of the best biomarkers for understanding how the body, health, and fitness are affected by a whole range of factors like training load, sickness, alcohol, nutrition, sleep, and air quality to name a few.

Psychologists have used HRV through activities like meditation and guided breathing to treat psychological issues and reduce the impact of stress through faster recovery.

While it’s mostly been used by elite and Olympic athletes to gauge their training stimulus, training-/workload and recovery, it has become a useful data point for sustainable high performance too.

HRV data can be used to help high performers look at how certain lifestyle changes will impact their performance. For example, by measuring HRV, we can see correlations in how a previous day of hard work, a night of poor sleep or a few glasses of wine can affects the HRV value the next day. HRV recovery support can mitigate the effect of such stress.

By adopting new habits whilst tracking one’s HRV-biomarker, one can quickly get bio-feedback to see if one is getting the traction desired, or if a change of strategy is required.

There are a bunch of HRV devices out there, but they are mainly chest-strapped bands that only pro athletes have the commitment to use.

We use the easy to use CorSense finger-sensor device (available in our shop) and the HRV Elite app to support management teams and high performance individuals in organisations.

Dealing with long-term extreme stress should not be a killing factor for High Performers in our organisations (pun intended, really).