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Amazing companies. Period.

We are very very very busy consultants. And we have the luxury of being able to cherry pick our clients. We say no to quite a few, but those we work with are truly amazing. Companies that value unconventional approaches to achieve great leadership and sustainable high performance. They are a source of challenge and development, and a constant focus of our attention.

Clients evaluate our work

Hard work pays off.

”Very impactful, challenging, interactive workshop presented in a great way!” (leadership workshop, Stockholm, June 2017)

“Once more, hundreds of thanks. I could say that this manages to make that change in me that will have a super large impact in the future.” (Personal Leadership, Göteborg, November 2016)

“Facilitators were excellent! Easy to understand, good, practical, hands on examples.” (Personal Leadership, Göteborg, September 2016)


“This was the best! THE BEST! Everything was great!” (Workshop on Result Based Management, Serbia, June 2015)

“Simply perfect. Very eye opening and interactive exercise. This was a true reflection filled day with a strong emphasis on self awareness” (Graduate Programme, Stockholm, September 2015)

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