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We have fantastic track records and experience of leadership development. But there was something missing in how we deal with high performers.

Instead of trying to get high performers to slow down and adjust to "good enough" we wanted to create a context and a structure to let them shine - to make sure they are not just High Performers - but Sustainable High Performers.

That is what we do. Great leadership and Sustainable High Performers for executives.

Yes - golly - we help your organisation get leaders that lead strongly and performs on an even higher level without slamming themselves into that awful wall.

We have delivered our stuff in +70 countries, and we have worked with everything from startups to governments, from mid- to large cap to municipalities.


...we really didn't want the hassle of building a company. We wanted to be a networked collaboration of bright people who develop together and deliver in changing team setups.

We don't want to build "the brand" Perfect Life. This is just an umbrella for us to work under, a shared place to state how we look at things, to develop our practice and our skills together. Your security is our individual brands.

Perfect Life has no employees, other than a tiny tiny tiny little admin function to handle billing, maintenance and the purchase of way too much office coffee at Lilla Kafferosteriet.

So this is not a pitch about how big we are, or how many consultants we "have". You don't buy safety in size. You buy agility in our networked collaboration skills. No overhead. No big offices. We deliver alone, or dropship seven people that hit the ground running in Barcelona-Berlin-Istanbul-Bangalore-Stockholm.


If you come to us you probably do so because you have heard great stuff about one of us, and you need a bigger task to be handled.

We are collectively responsible. One of us is great, but together we are magic.

We vouch for the people we team up with.

Stuff people say about Lead Trainer Patrick Stahl

Passion shows.

"Patrick is the whole reason for the program and the output from it. The way he facilitates, picks up on discussions, contribute with example from other companies, etc, etc. is priceless. It takes decades of training to reach his level." (Global leadership programme, Barcelona, August 2016)


”Patrick is simply outstanding. He 'is' the programme." (Global leadership programme, Barcelona, August 2016)


"I think that the program was a success, and this is very much due to Patrick. He did not put himself in focus, but us. I think that he is a brilliant storyteller, and has so much more to teach and share than he had time for. There was always an alternative model, or some everyday examples, which he could easily complement with, whenever needed or asked for. Brilliant!” (Global leadership programme, Berlin, April 2016)


”The session with Patrick was very motivating, uplifting and interesting. He has a lot of energy (that he successfully transfers to the audience) and connects with the people he talks to. A great speaker with remarkable professionalism.” (Leadership workshop, Gothenburg, August 2016)


“Best workshop I ever have attended. Patrick is fantastic!” (Leadership Workshop, Serbia, November 2015)


“I just wanted to pass along a special thanks to you for your commitment to an outstanding programme!  Not a moment went by when I didn’t sense your passion and enthusiasm towards the development of our Team.  It truly was an amazing experience that has definitely impacted my development as a Leader and as a person.” (Global leadership programme, Berlin, October 2015)


“I’m very impressed by your work. I’ve never met anyone so confident and so passionate about his work as you.” (Organisational Development rollout workshop, Poland, August 2015)   

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